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How we work


I love this planet with its beautiful (but limited) resources, as much as I love making things. So it is really important to prioritise keeping the negative impacts on the environment and all the residents on this earth to as minimal as possible. The process is on-going, there is an un-limited amount of things to learn, and I hope we will make continuous improvements on how we work: Making better and wiser decisions and solutions so Manom can be a positive existence!

Below is some information about how we work and what we do on each aspect of the business. Hover over the images to read.

Please reach us if you have any feedback, comments, questions or advise. It will always be very welcomed.


Our products

After Mayo transfers all her imagination into delicate metal work by hand in her studio in South East London, each prototype gets cast by a team of specialists in London. All pieces then go back to Mayo's studio and are carefully handmade to a very high standard.

We are also here for any repairing and re-conditioning to give continuous love to your piece of Manom jewellery. Ensuring they can be treasured for a lifetime or over generations.

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 23.50.15.png
Fairmined gold

Manom Jewellery is proudly licenced to use Fairmined gold.

Find out more details here.

The metal we use

All the products in our standard collections are made in recycled 925 sterling silver, which then often get plated with 22ct Fairmined gold by a team of specialists in Worcester. The Fairmined gold we use is mined in Colombia, South America. 

All the pieces of scrap or metal dust from any process will always get collected carefully so that they can
 be used or recycled again. 



All Manom Jewellery pieces will come with: 

- a branded card box (40% recycled, fully recyclable) 

- a foam insert (sadly not currently recyclable

- a paper outer bag (recyclable) 

- protected with tissue paper
(Recycled, recyclable, compostable & biodegradable) 

- a compliment card (Recycled & recyclable)  

- the order is sent in a thick, weatherproof paper mailing bag (Recyclable)


Quite a lot of brown all over but very green at the same time!

We will keep trying to make improvements wherever we can. 

Mayo's Little Studio and people

My little studio is run using green gas and electricity from Bulb. I do our best to keep the waste from our processes as minimal as possible if not recycled. Zip lock plastic bags are vital for us to keep Jewellery untarnished. But small amount of bags get reused over and over again until they fall a part! 

When I say we, it's usually only me doing all the day to day jobs!  But I do occasionally work with some geniuses for graphic materials, PR and some copy-writing, photography etc. I have been very lucky to be working with those people who share the same passion and believes.  

As it's mentioned above, I outsource casting process and gold plating. And I work with several suppliers for other materials I need. I try to keep very strong and close relationships with my suppliers. It's been great to work with them, and although it's just me in my own business, I feel like they are a part of my creations too!


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