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Manom Jewellery uses Fairmined gold from artisanal and small scale mining communities for all of our gold plated jewellery.


This is to make sure that the gold we use for gold plating is ethically sourced – meaning that; the miners and their families receive a fair price for their gold and hard work, gender equality is promoted, and there is no child labour. Miners are working in a healthy and safe workplace, and the certified mining organization contributes to the local communities well-being.  


It also ensures that the negative effects on the environment are as minimal as possible, as well as making investments in cleaner technologies and techniques. The gold we use for example is from a mine in Colombia who operate without using mercury in their processes.


Lastly, this is also to make sure that transparency is guaranteed. Using Fairmined gold allows us to know exactly where the gold we use comes from, and its entire journey to become a part of our products. It is extremely important for me to know that the money we pay gets received by the people who deserve it.  


Manom Jewellery is proudly licensed by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) who represents an important development opportunity for artisanal and small-scale miners all around the world. All of our products are plated at D&M Jewellery in the UK who are passionate about fairtrade, sustainable mining and environmentally friendly trading. 

Artisanal and small scale mining is a key source of income and employment in many developing countries, and there are over 150 million people who depend on it for their income. Sadly so many mining communities face many scandals, including human rights abuses, unsafe working conditions, environmental degradation, and corruption among others in both small and large scale mining. ARM has been working a great deal to change this, and by us (including our customers) choosing Fairmined gold, we can be involved in providing important benefits to artisanal mining organisations and people.  


To find out more detailed information, please visit ARM's website. There is still so much to learn and what they do is really really amazing. 

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