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About Manom Jewellery

This is Jewellery that leads you somewhere that isn’t here.

This is Jewellery waiting to reveal its story through the tales of

the Yogelherp Forest.

Japanese designer, jeweller and craftsman Mayo has grown up in two worlds. The reality we all share, and another that grew in her dreams and imagination.  In the Yogelherp Forest, where the sun and

moon shine companionably in the sky, the necks of giraffes extend

into the night and a snail with a sinistral shell leads the way...

Every Manom design is imagined by Mayo and brought to life in her South London Studio.  Originally trained in haute-couture dress making, Mayo began her jewellery making journey when she moved to England in 2007, with her illuminating Moon Hoops seen on both Kate Moss

and Fearne Cotton and featured in Vogue and Hello.

Her vision and craft encompasses jewellery, prop making, costume design, painting and which allow her to bring a world of imagination to life.


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